DC Everest School District

The Village of Weston is home to the D.C. Everest High School, D.C. Everest Junior High, D.C. Everest Middle School, and the two district's largest elementary schools.

National Leader
The State of Wisconsin is among the national leaders in public education, and the D.C. Everest School District boasts continuously high test scores. In 2005-2006, D.C. Everest was the only school district in north central Wisconsin to surpass statewide averages in every standardized test category of the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations - given to students in grades three through eight and 10th graders. The safety and success of our students is priority number one from parents to schools; and the school board to local government.

D.C. Everest's prep school is among the finest in the state for academics and extracurricular activities. D.C. Everest is a perennial powerhouse in state athletics. There are also tech training courses that prepare young people for careers in industry and business. D.C. Everest was recently named a "Gold Medal School District" winner by Expansion Management Magazine in its 16th Annual Education Quotient ranking of 2, 819 public school districts nationwide. Expansion Management Magazine evaluates all school districts in the United States with an enrollment of 3,300 or more students. Gold medal schools rank in the top 16% of districts evaluated with the EQ calculated on a weighted scale that measures three indices: graduated outcome (how well students learn and how many stay to graduation), resource index (which measures a community's financial commitment to education), and the community index (which measures the community's adult education an income levels).