1. Ad-Hoc Committees

  2. Community Development Authority

    Learn about the Community Development Authority.

  3. Everest Metro Joint Police Commission

    Join the Everest Metro Joint Police Commission.

  4. Extraterritorial Zoning Committee

    Meet members of the Extraterritorial Zoning Committee.

  5. Finance Committee

    Learn about the Finance Committee.

  6. Parks & Recreation Committee

    Learn about the Parks and Recreation Committee.

  7. Personnel Committee

    Meet the members of the Personnel Committee.

  8. Plan Commission

    Find out the duties of the Plan Commission.

  9. Property and Infrastructure Committee

    Learn about the Public Works and Utility Committee.

  10. Community Life & Public Safety Committee

    Join the Public Safety Committee.

  11. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Find out about this court-like board, known as a quasi-judicial body.

Get Involved
If you are interested in becoming an elected member of the Board of Trustees, please contact:

Village Clerk
Sherry Weinkauf

If you are interested in sitting on a Committee, you must be appointed by the Village President.  Plesae contact:

President Barbara Ermeling