Zoning Board of Appeals

This board meets on an as-needed basis.

Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes are available at the agenda center.


The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of five members and two additional alternate members who are appointed for three-year staggered terms by the village president.
  • Brent Montague, Chair
  • Gil Holcombe
  • Jim Langkamp
  • Vacant (Alternate 2)
  • Don Skare
  • Richard Crump
  • Greg Falkowski (Alternate 1)
About the Board
The Zoning Board of Appeals functions in many respects like a court and therefore is known as a quasi-judicial body. The primary role of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to apply local ordinances and related state laws to specific development proposals in three general categories:
  • Administrative appeals
  • Variances
  • Special exceptions