Extraterritorial Zoning Committee

About the Committee

The village exercised their legal right to create an extra-territorial zoning (ETZ) committee with the Town of Weston for a portion of the town extending out 1.5 miles from the current village boundary in February 2006. In April 2006, the village board and town board appointed three members from each community to sit on the ETZ Committee. MSA Professional Services (Marshfield / Baraboo), a planning consultant firm, assisted the committee and staff with creating a new zoning code and zoning map to govern future growth in this ETZ area. The creation of an ETZ Committee between the two communities was planned for in both communities' comprehensive plans as a way to achieve better intergovernmental cooperation between the two communities.

For additional information, please contact Village Director of Planning and Development Jennifer Higgins at 715-359-6114 or Town Chairman Milt Olson at 715-842-5397.
 Steve Cronin Village Plan Commissioner scronin@westonwi.gov
 Gary Gurendt Village Plan Commissioner gguerndt@westonwi.gov
 Steve Meinel Village Plan Commissioner smeinel@westonwi.gov
Milt Olson Town/Chair Plan Commissioner kamolson@outlook.com
Randy Christiansen Town Plan Commissioner rchristiansen@westonwi.gov


The Extraterritorial Zoning Committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes are available at the Agenda Center.