Disposal of Yard Materials

Yard Materials Collection Guidelines:

During the designated spring and fall time periods, have leaves, unbagged thatch, grass, clippings, pine needles and brush less than 6 inches in diameter, placed on the shoulder the day before your normal refuse pickup. If you have curb and gutter, please DO NOT place yard waste in the gutter, as this can clog stormwater inlets during heavy rain storm events. Yard materials should be placed in rows and should not exceed 5 feet in width.

Piles are to be placed so as to be clear of power poles, trees, and mailboxes for ease of pickup. Brush is to be kept separate from yard materials and placed at roadside with stump ends of limbs placed in same direction, parallel to road. If yard materials cannot be reached by the Village's machines, it will then be the responsibility of the resident to dispose of the materials to the Village's Yard Materials Site.

After the roadside collection, leaves and all pre-mentioned items can be brought to the Village's Yard Materials site (free of charge), located at 8200 Ryan Street (one-fourth mile south of Weston Avenue on the west side). When bringing items to the materials site, please remove leaves from bags and dispose of the bags in the provided container.