Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Beginning Monday, May 1, 2023 seasonal weight limits will be lifted in the Village and Town of Weston.

8-ton-weight-limitSeasonal weight limits are used to help extend the life of the roadways within the Village. During the spring thaw, roadbeds become saturated with moisture which can result in a significant loss in strength. In some cases the road may heave as well which causes the pavement to flex. Heavy loads on these streets can cause significant long-term damage to the base of the road and the pavement.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions Memo and Listing of Non-Restricted Streets

Road Restrictions Map

This map highlights what roads are not restricted

Weight Restrictions Permit Application

A single trip permit is required to haul a load exceeding the 8 ton GVW limit during the restriction period. Any hauler applying for a permit must first complete the required permit form. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. If approval is granted to exceed the seasonal weight limitations, such approval will be documented with the signature of an authorized agent of the Village of Weston. An original copy of the permit must be kept in the applicable vehicle at all times. Photo copies of the permit are not valid.