Camp Phillips Road Corridor Plan

​About the CPC Plan

The CPC Plan is a Corridor Study of Camp Phillips Road from Ross Avenue to Weston Avenue. The purpose of this planning effort is to:
  • Address change in Camp Phillips Road traffic and function
  • Enhance economic development and grow tax base
  • Increase commercial services, retail, and restaurants
  • Ensure appropriate transitions to neighborhoods
  • Improve appearance & sense of place at Weston's front door
  • Serve as a detailed component of Village Comprehensive Plan
  • Provide blueprint for future (re)development, including zoning decisions and public investments

The Camp Phillips Corridor Plan was adopted by the Village Board as a component of Volume 3 - Supplemental Plans of the Village Comprehensive Plan following a public hearing on February 20, 2017. The Village Board approved the CPC Plan on February 20, 2017 by the adoption of Ordinance No 17-003. It became effective upon ordinance publication on February 22, 2017.
Camp Phillips Corridor Plan (2-22-2017)

If you have questions concerning the contents of the Camp Phillips Road Corridor Plan or are looking to develop a property within the Camp Phillips Road corridor, please contact Jennifer Higgins, Director of Planning and Development or Administrator Daniel Guild at or 715.359.6114.