Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park Program


An Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park program allows groups to volunteer and support its anti-litter efforts in a more direct way.  Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park helps:

*Reduce litter along community roadways and park systems

*Build community support for the anti-litter and roadway beautification programs

*Educate the traveling public to property dispose of litter

*Enhance the environment and beautify Weston roadsides

The program offers groups a project that gives its members the satisfaction of making a contribution to their community.  At the same time, it generates publicity for the group’s service activities.

What does an Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park group do?

*Each qualified group takes responsibility for litter control on approximately one and one-half mile segment of Village roadway.

*The group picks up litter on this segment at least two times per year between April 1 and November 1.

*Work is permitted until the group notifies the department of their intent to abandon their segment.

Who can Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park?

*Any group organized for some special purpose or task can be a sponsor, except partisan or political groups.

*A sign with your group’s name will be placed at the beginning and end of the roadway segment.  This sign announces to the motoring public your group’s sponsorship for litter control.  Signs are limited to 20 characters on each of two lines for your group’s name.  The Village of Weston reserves the right to work with the sponsors in revising group names or acronyms that may be offensive to the public.

*Each group must provide one adult supervisor for every six workers aged 16, and for every four workers aged 15 and younger.  All workers wishing to adopt a street must be at least 10 years of age, or in the 5th grade.  For volunteer groups with younger children, the Village is happy to offer sections of Village parks or Village trails.

What does the Village provide?

Village of Weston will furnish the safety vests, rubber gloves, bottled water, marker flags, trash bags, trash pickup and disposal, first aid kit, safety training video, portable “people working” signs, and the permanent signs marking your clean-up segment (to be installed by Village of Weston).

Safety is Key!

*The Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park program emphasizes safety.  It is important to be very careful when working on the roadsides.  For more information, view the State of Wisconsin’s Adopt-A-Highway Safety page. [link to WI Adopt-A-Highway Safety page:]

*Groups do not work in dangerous areas like medians, bridges, or steep slopes.

How To apply?

Interested in the Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park Program?  Call Valerie Parker at (715) 241-2607 or e-mail

She will direct you to the application to apply for this program, along with providing a Village map showing the available Adopt-A-Street roadway segments and Adopt-A-Park locations, and will also provide materials which will explain the details of the program in full.

Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park clean-up segments are assigned on a first-come, first served basis.  Your group may be placed on a waiting list if all available segments are already reserved.

Once your application is approved and signed, this becomes your permit to work on the right-of-way (or park) and your assigned segment on the Adopt-A-Street / Adopt-A-Park litter control program.

After all group participants have reviewed the safety training video (Adopt-A-Highway Safety Tips video) and acquired the proper safety gear and signage, you may begin cleaning your assigned segment.