2019 Adopted Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 2019-001: A Resolution correcting the address grid on River Bend Road. (Eff. 2/18/19)
  • Resolution No. 2019-PC-001: A Resolution adopting the Weston Marketplace Master Sign Plan. (Eff. 3/11/19)
  • Resolution No. 2019-002: A Resolution to levy special assessments on Zinser Street. (Eff. 2/18/19) 
  • Resolution No. 2019-003: A Resolution accepting the proposed right-of-way dedication for a portion of Schofield Ave. (Eff. 2/18/19)
  • Resolution No. 2019-004: A Resolution approving the employee CPI wage and merit increases. (Eff. 2/18/19) 
  • Resolution No. 2019-005: Governmental responsibility for urban nonpoint source and stormwater grants. (
    Eff. 3/18/19)
  • Resolution No. 2019-006: Providing for the Sale of Approximately $5,570,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2019A. (Eff. 3/18/19)
  • Resolution No. 2019-007: Imploring the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to Reconstruct Business Highway 51 between State Trunk Highway 29 in the Village of Rothschild and the Eau Claire River in the City of Schofield. (Eff. 3/18/19)