Available Financing Resources

Marathon County Economic Development Organization (MCDEVCO) “helps businesses navigate and leverage local and state programs, making expansion and start-ups simpler. MCDEVCO offers consulting to help entrepreneurs develop and execute well-rounded business strategies. MCDEVCO's financial assistance programs and strong partnerships with local lenders help local businesses grow.”


MCDEVCO offers GAP Financing where they collaborate with financial institutions, municipalities, and other organizations to complete loan projects for lending up to 20% of a total project.


Central Wisconsin Economic Development Fund (CWED) “works with entrepreneurs and their lenders to structure financing packages for start-up and expanding businesses to encourage economic growth in the area. CWED loans usually have low interest rates, reduced collateral requirements, and flexible terms. 


CWED Revolving Loan Program encourages business development that supports job creation, raise personal incomes by providing opportunities for growth, support creation, retention, expansion of business, and leverage private investment.

CWED Brochure (2022)

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) “works closely with lenders, developers, local government, nonprofits, community groups, and others to implement its low-cost financing programs.”

  • Agribusiness Guarantee (AGBG) helps new or existing businesses obtain financing on favorable terms in order to develop or expand production of products using Wisconsin’s raw agriculture commodities. The AGBG has an affordable interest rate, longer term, can be used for working capital, fixed assets, and inventory.
  • WHEDA Small Business Guarantee (WSBG) helps to acquire or expand a small business with favorable financing. Business owners can finance fixed assets, inventory, and working capital. WSBG reduces risk for lenders and makes it easier to approve each loan.
  • Contractors Loan Guarantee (CLG) is designed to help more contractors’ complete contracts and expand business. CLG reduces fees, expands eligibility, and can streamline the application process. It features an affordable interest rate that improves profitability and flexibility, and can be used for working capital or fixed assets.
  • WHEDA Participation Lending Program (WPLP) is intended to provide Wisconsin businesses with financing that otherwise would not be secured through traditional lending. WPLP partners WHEDA with local communities’ lenders, banks, credit unions, economic development corporations, and community development institutions.


Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) works with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide financial assistance programs designed to meet the needs of small businesses. 


 The SBA sets guidelines for loans which are then made by its partners, thus eliminating much of the risk for lenders. Making it easier for small businesses to get loans.


Impact Seven is a statewide nonprofit community development corporation that works with small businesses as an alternative lender to promote growth. Impact Seven’s lending process is grounded in common sense and has assembled a group of funds from public and private sources to assist growing and emerging businesses in Wisconsin. 


This revolving loan fund can be used for land and building purchases, construction or improvements, working capital, inventory, supplies and equipment. Loans range from $10,000 to $5,000,000 and rate and terms vary depending on the project.


Wisconsin Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit is available through the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue and is available for business owners that produce qualified production activities assessed as manufacturing and agriculture.


The WMAC Tax Credit is nonrefundable, with the maximum amount of the credit that may be claimed is up to the gross tax computed from operations claimed on the income tax return.