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Site Plans

Site plan approval shall be required in advance of construction for all commercial, industrial and multi-family development projects that are listed in Section 94.3.03(10) or as otherwise stated elsewhere within the Zoning Code. Please note that in many cases, a Pre-Application Conference is required prior to official submission of an application for site plan. Please contact Valerie Parker at (715) 359-6114 or to schedule this Conference with Planning and Development Department Staff. A site plan is required for all commercial/industrial/multi-family projects as follows: new accessory structure, landscaping, parking lot improvements, exterior remodeling, building additions and new construction.
Application for Commercial Site Plan Review

Street Vacation

When you and your neighbors want to permanently close a street no longer needed as a public thoroughfare, you, the property owners can request a street vacation. This process is necessary to ensure the public interest in the street right-of-way and the public utility of the right-of-way is no longer necessary [State Statutes 66.1003 & 66.1005]. Note: If the right-of-way was purchased by the Village for street purposes it is generally sold to adjacent owners at fair market value. 

The request is referred to the Public Infrastructure Committee and Plan Commission for consideration. These revising bodies report back to the Planning and Development Department who coordinates the vacation request with other Village agencies and the utility companies. If these bodies approve the street vacation, the Planning & Development Department Staff prepares the description of the area to be vacated, including easements and other restrictions. You will be required to obtain a survey of the area to be vacated.

The Village Board then holds a public hearing and approves or rejects the vacation request. If approved, the vacated right-of-way is divided in compliance with the laws regarding reversion. 
Application for Street Vacation


A variance is a proposed request to deviate from the standards defined within the Zoning Code. Variances from the regulations of Zoning Code may be granted only in the following instances and in no others:

 a. To permit any setback, principal building separation distance, landscape surface ratio that is less than the setback, principal building separation distance, or landscape surface ratio required within the applicable zoning district.
 b. To permit building construction on a lot where otherwise prohibited solely because of the insufficient lot area, lot width, or lot frontage within the applicable zoning district under Article 5. In no event shall the respective lot area, lot width, or lot frontage be less than 75 percent of the required dimension under Article 5.
 c. To permit a building, fence, wall, or other structure height that is greater than that required within the applicable zoning district under Article 5, Section 94.12.03, or any other provision of this Chapter.
 d. To permit a maximum or minimum floor area or density of any building or use so limited by the applicable regulations in  this Chapter to vary by not more than 25 percent, where the matter is not otherwise covered by the above eligible variances.
 e. To permit variations from an access, driveway, off-street parking, traffic circulation, or loading standard in Sections 94.12.08 to 94.12.10.
 f. To permit installation of a holding tank in a circumstance that does not meet the requirements in Section 94.3.03(13).

Within 45 days after filing of the complete application as determined by the Zoning Administrator, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall hold a public hearing. Notice of the requested variance and the public hearing shall conform to the requirements of Wis. Stat. § 62.23(7)(d). Said notice shall contain a description of the subject property and the proposed variance. In addition, at least ten days before said public hearing, the Village Clerk shall mail an identical notice to the applicant of the proposed variance to the clerk of any municipality whose boundaries are within 1,000 feet of any portion of the subject property, and to all property owners within 300 feet of the boundaries of the subject property.
Application for Variance Request

Landscaping Worksheet

The following commercial site plans require the following landscape calculation worksheet: New Construction, Building Addition, New or Expanded Parking Lots and New Landscape Plans. If the following sheet is not attached to the site plan application, then the application will not be considered complete and will not be review. Please note, Microsoft Office Excel is required to be installed in order to open the worksheet. No other spread sheet programs are guaranteed to work with the worksheet. If there are any problems with the worksheet, please feel free to contact the Planning and Development staff.
Landscape Calculation Worksheet 


At this time, the Village does not require permits for the installation of at-grade patios; however, the Village asks that the hard surface setbacks be observed. These setbacks may be found in Article 5 of the Zoning Ordinance. 
At this time, fire pits do not require permits. Please visit the S.A.F.E.R. Fire District page for more information. 

- Electrical Permit
The Village requires permits for rewiring, circuit extensions, addition of circuits and service upgrades/relocates.

-Plumbing Permit

The Village requires permits for re-plumbing and relocating/adding fixtures.

-HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning Unit) Permit
The Village requires permits for indoor fireplaces/wood burning stoves.