Why was a new site selected?

As the Village and the architect proceeded with the preliminary design on the current site, it became apparent construction on the existing site would leave no room for future expansion. Rather than attempt to acquire additional property adjacent to the current site that was not for sale, the Village observed the former G&B Produce site at 4707 Camp Phillips Road was on the market and purchased the property. The new site gives the Village 13 acres for a building project vs. only about 8 acres at the current site and is still centrally located.

Another benefit of having a new site is having no interruption of day-to-day operations during construction. If building were to take place on the existing site, public works would have lost its garages and mechanic bays during the construction and would have had to temporarily locate at the Ryan Street yard waste site. This would have required additional cost for improvements to the garage at Ryan Street as a temporary base of operations for Public Works and created operational inefficiencies during the construction.

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1. Why do we need to replace our Municipal Building?
2. Was renovation of the existing building(s) considered?
3. How much will the project cost?
4. The original facilities study in 2016 estimated the project would cost between $12 and $13 million. Why has the estimate gone up to possibly 15 million?
5. How will the project affect my taxes?
6. If we don’t construct the new building will my taxes remain the same or even go down?
7. Why was a new site selected?
8. What will we do with the existing site and the buildings?
9. How does the new facility compare to the current one?
10. Will the new building include technology which improves energy efficiency and conservation of resources?
11. Will this be built by local businesses and contractors as to keep money in the local economy?
12. Does this project require a referendum?
13. In summary, has the need for this project been adequately evaluated?