Building Inspector

Building Permits
When you begin plans to construct a new building or remodel an existing facility, you will need to apply for a building permit from the Village of Weston.

A building permit serves as formal and legal permission to begin construction on a project. Once issued, the permit confirms that project plans for a new structure, addition, renovation, foundation, plumbing, air flow system, fireplace, deck, electrical, and other building components have been approved by the village and that plans comply with all mandated building codes and zoning laws.

Please note: Failure to obtain a permit prior to commencement of work will result in a doubled permit fee plus an extra $50 charge per Section 14.2122(5)(g) of the Municipal Code.

Applying for permits is easy. Applications are available through the Building / Inspections Department located at Weston's Municipal Center. Homeowners, builders, and contractors benefit from the knowledge of an experienced and dedicated staff. We're here to ensure that your project will be constructed properly.

If you're wondering if your project requires a building permit or if you have questions, please call the Village Inspections Department at 715-359-6114.

Applications and Permits

Permits Issued