2019 Election Dates

  • Tuesday, February 19  - Spring Primary Election
  • Tuesday, April 2  - Spring Election

​Are you interested in running for local office?

Three of the Village's Trustees and one Village President will be up for election on April 2, 2019. Please refer to page 5 of www.westonwi.gov/Chapter2, Administration, Article II, of the Village ordinances to see the job responsibilities of the President and Board of Trustees. The President receives a stipend of $500 per month, while Trustees receive a stipend of $400 per month.

Nomination papers can be obtained online at www.westonwi.gov/NominationPapers or you can pick them up at the Village Clerk's office. The first day to circulate nomination papers is Saturday, December 1, 2018 and the final day for filing nomination papers is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 in the office of the Village Clerk. The number of required signatures on nomination papers is not less than 20 nor more than 100 electors.  

The new format of the campaign finance registration statement (CF-1) may come with questions from your local candidates. The following information regarding the registration statement is provided in the Local Candidate Campaign Finance Committee Manual:
Completing a Registration Statement

Section A.  General Information 
This section must be completed by all candidates and candidate committees. It contains the information identifying the candidate committee. All candidates are required to have a registered campaign committee, even if the candidate is the only person participating in the campaign and even if there is absolutely no money being spent on the race. 
A1. Candidate Committee/Committee/Conduit Name

The Ethics Commission recommends using something like “FIRST AND LAST NAME for OFFICE” for the committee name, so that any attribution/disclaimer statements placed on advertisements or yard signs make clear who paid for them. 

A2. Registrant Type

Local candidate committees should choose “Candidate.”

A3-13. Contact and Depository Institution Information

If the candidate committee does not have a separate address/PO box, phone number, email or depository account for the candidate committee, then the candidate should use their personal address, phone number, email and depository account. Depository accounts are required, even if absolutely no money is being spent. 

 A14-20. Treasurer Information

If the candidate is serving as their own treasurer, they should include their own contact information here.

A21-28. Other Officers

This section is intended to list other individuals that are helping on the campaign and is entirely optional. Local non-partisan candidates can list an individual here with an asterisk by their name which indicates they are to fill a vacancy if the candidate were to pass away. 

A29. Exemption 

Indicate whether the candidate committee will not accept contributions, make disbursements or incur obligations in aggregate of more than $2,000 in a calendar year and therefore is not required to file campaign finance reports. 

 Section B.  Candidate Committees
B1-3. Election Information

List the office sought, including the district and branch and the election date. If the race is nonpartisan, then “nonpartisan” can be listed in B2.

B4-10. Candidate Information

This section should list the personal contact information of the candidate. 

B11-12. Second Candidate Committee

If the candidate has an additional candidate committee, they should indicate it in this section. 

Section C-E: Other Committee Registration Information

Local candidate committees do not need to fill out information in Sections C-E because those sections are for Recall, Political Action, Independent Expenditure, Political Party, Legislative Campaign, Referenda Committees and Conduits. 

Section G. Certification

The candidate and treasurer certify the registration here with their signatures. If the candidate serves are the treasurer, they only need to sign once under “Candidate” in G4-G6.

For more information, please visit: https://ethics.wi.gov/Resources/CampaignFinanceOverview_LocalCandidates.pdf

Voter registration is required in Wisconsin. How do I register?


  • Online during open registration (20 days or more prior to an election) at myvote.wi.gov. Must have a current and valid Wisconsin Driver License or Wisconsin State ID card.
  • By mail during open registration (20 days or more prior to an election).
  • In the clerk’s office, up until the Friday before the election by 5:00 p.m.
  • Your voting location on Election Day
You MUST provide proof of residency when registering to vote by mail, in the Clerk's office or at your voting location. To see which documents are acceptable for proof of residency, see page two of the WI Voter Registration Application.

Where do I vote on Election Day?

The Village has four voting sites. To be sure you go to the correct location on Election Day, please visit www.westonwi.gov/Mapping. Under the Search button, type in your address (abbreviating St, Rd, etc.) and select the Search button. The address will pop up, and a Parcel box will appear on the map. In the Parcel box, click on District Information. The row titled Ward will be your voting location.

All polling locations are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Absentee Voting

Any voter who prefers to vote by absentee ballot may request one by mail, email, or fax. Please visit gab.wi.gov/voters/absentee for more information. In-person Absentee voting ends the Friday before the election at 5:00 p.m.at the Weston Municipal Center.

Photo ID Required to Vote

If you have a photo ID, check if it’s an acceptable form of ID.
If you do not have a photo ID, you can get a Wisconsin state ID card free.

Sample Ballots

To see a sample ballot for an upcoming election please visit myvote.wi.gov.

Election Results & Provisional Ballots

Review local election results.

Provisional Ballots

Number of provisional ballots for the November 6, 2018 Partisan Primary Election:
Number of Ballots
Wards 1, 2, 4, 5
Wards 3, 8
Wards 6, 7
Wards 9-13