Annual America Recycles Day Contest

The 2020 America Recycles Day contest will be held during during the week of Nov 2nd - 6th!


In January of 2014, Village of Weston residents stopped sorting newspapers from plastics, glass, aluminum, and began placing household recyclables in 95-gallon single-stream recycling carts. The “One and Done” carts help keep Weston neighborhoods cleaner, are easy to use, promote greater recycling, and help the Village save money on landfill disposal. After nearly a year of single-stream cart recycling, the Village wants to challenge residents to be the best “One and Done Marathon Recyclers.”

As a part of the national America Recycles Day, slated for November 15th, the Village is planning a week-long contest to reintroduce the “One and Done” theme.  We hope the contest will help highlight how important it is to understand the single-stream recycling cart rules, and reduce recycling contamination.

Contamination occurs when garbage is mistakenly mixed with recycling, or when items like tires, batteries, and large plastic toys end up in the recycling cart.  When a cart full of recyclables is soiled with garbage and hard to recycle items, the viability and value of the entire load is reduced.

During the America Recycles Day contest, Village households will have the opportunity to win prizes for being identified as “One and Done Marathon Recyclers.” In order to identify qualifying households, recycling and waste carts of randomly selected households will be inspected by the route drivers from Advanced Disposal. A “One and Done Marathon Recycler” household will have a recycling cart without contamination and a waste cart with no recyclables. Qualifying households will then be entered into a drawing for a number of prizes.

“The idea behind the contest is to make recycling fun and exciting, while enlisting the help of residents in reducing contamination,” says Meleesa Johnson, Director of the Marathon County Solid Waste Department.

The Village of Weston, Advanced Disposal, and the Marathon County Solid Waste Department are partnering on this novel project and hope that all Weston residents become “One and Done Marathon Recyclers”. The drawing for prizes will take place at the Weston Municipal Center, during the week of the 9th-13th.

To learn more about what items can go in the single-stream recycling cart, contact Valerie Parker at 715-241-2607 or, the Marathon County Solid Waste Department ( or watch our In's and Out's of Single Stream Recycling video.

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