Weston Aquatic Center - Concession Stand RFP

The Village of Weston is looking for interested persons or business to become the new concession stand operators at the Weston Aquatic Center; the Village’s premier outdoor aquatic facility.

The Aquatic Center is located on the grounds of Kennedy Park, which is a 39 acre park that serves thousands of individuals each year with a variety of activities. Kennedy Park is home to three baseball diamonds, two soccer fields, a skate park, picnic shelter, restroom facilities, play equipment and seasonal ice skating.

The Weston Aquatic Center seeks to identify and retain a qualified operator(s) to staff, stock, and maintain our pool’s concession stand.  The Village has developed an RFP with information about the Aquatic Center’s operating financials, and what a prospective operator would need to know to present the Village with a proposal. This RFP is the means for prospective vendors to submit their qualifications to the Village of Weston and request our consideration to be the Concession Stand’s next owner/operator.

Press Release for Weston Aquatic Center Concession Stand RFP

Aquatic Center Concessions Operations Business Description and Request for Proposal (RFP)