Earth Day Guy

Village of Weston Residents - Show Your Recycling Spirit with #ImaRecyclerVOW

We would like to try out a fun little event for Weston residents to participate in to celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd.  This is an event to show off your recycling spirit!

We are looking for fun pictures of people showing off their recycling practices.  This could be a picture of your household recyclables before, during, or after they make their way into your single-stream recycling cart.

Are you an upcycler?  Do you make creative things with your household recyclable materials, or with those items that are banned from the landfill (such as steal, large plastic items, small appliances, clothing material, etc.), but yet not allowed to go into your single-stream recycling cart?  Upcycling is a great way to promote the three R’s:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Show us your recycling spirit and send us your photos!  You can submit your pictures to the Village of Weston’s Facebook or Nextdoor, be sure to include #ImaRecyclerVOW in your message.  You can also simply post to your own Facebook page, and include #ImaRecyclerVOW in your message.  Not part of Facebook or Nextdoor, you can also e-mail your picture, or you can drop your picture off to our office in person.

Then, during the week of Earth Day, we’ll start posting our favorite pictures for the community to see.  Some of these pictures may be used in future educational pieces, so please include your name so that proper credit can be given.

Coffee Can 2
Bird House 2
Mixed Recycling
Recyclables in Cart