Residential Building Permits

New Home Construction​

All new one and two family homes constructed within the Village shall meet the State UDC requirements. All ResChecks Version with both calculations (Wisconsin UDC 2009 and IECC 2009) shall be completed and attached prior to applying for a permit application. 
New Home Construction (One & two family homes)

Home Addition and Structural Interior Remodel

The Home Addition permit covers both garage additions and home additions, as well as structural interior remodels with the electrical, plumbing and HVAC trades included. Structural interior remodel includes, but is not limited to, the moving/adding or removing walls, doors or windows and adding/removing cathedral/vaulted ceilings.
Home Addition and Structural Interior Remodel Permit

Home Improvement 

The Home Improvement permit covers all non-structural interior and exterior remodeling including: re-roofing, soffit and fascia, re-siding, non-structural interior remodeling and basement build-out. Non-structural remodeling includes, but not limited to, new/replacing drywall, kitchen/bathroom cabinet/counter top replacement,  The permit fee does not include electrical, plumbing and HVAC trades, which are $30.00/trade. Please fill out the appropriate portion of the form that pertains to your project.
Home Improvement Permit

Accessory Structure

All accessory structures require a building permit. Each lot has a "Maximum Accessory Structure Floor Area" as defined in Figure 5.01(1) in the Zoning Code. The permit fee does not include electrical, plumbing and HVAC trades, which are $30.00/trade.
Accessory Structure

Demolition Permit

All principal and accessory structures and manufactured homes in and out of manufactured home communities to be removed or razed within the Village require a permit prior to the removal or demolition.
Demolition Permit

Driveway Instillation 

All new driveways, driveway expansions and resurfacing require a permit. Seal coating does not require any permit.
Driveway Installation Permit

Other Home Projects

Home projects include Installation of or altering fences, installation of permanent above-ground/in-ground pools, alteration/installation of decks and in-ground sprinkler systems are all covered under the following permit application. 
Other Home Projects