Planning Permits

Petition for Conditional Use, Rezone and Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Please note that in many cases, a pre-application conference is required prior to official submission of an application for conditional use, rezone or Comprehensive Plan amendment within the Village of Weston and the Extraterritorial Zoning (ETZ) Area of the Town of Weston. Please contact Valerie Parker at (715) 359-6114 or to schedule this conference with Planning and Development Department Staff.

Conditional Use

A public hearing is required. Notice of the time, place, and purpose of such hearing shall be given by publication of a Class 2 Notice in conformance with the requirements of Wis. Stat. § 62.23(7)(d). Said notice shall be sent to the applicant, owners of record of all lands within 300 feet of the boundaries of the subject property, and the clerk of any municipality whose boundaries are within 1,000 feet of any portion of the jurisdiction of Village of Weston and its Extraterritorial Zoning District at least ten days prior to the date of such public hearing.

Within 60 days after the public hearing, or an extension of said period requested in writing or electronic format by the applicant and granted by the Commission or Committee, the Plan Commission or Extraterritorial Zoning Committee shall take final action on the conditional use permit request. Any conditional use permits approved are recorded at the Marathon County Register of Deeds on the property.

The Application

The following link is an application for the petition of a Conditional Use, Rezone and Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Please fill out the only the parts that correspond directly with your project. Please note, no application shall be placed on any agenda, as an item to be acted upon, unless the Zoning Administrator has certified acceptance of a complete application. A notification will be sent to you once the application is determined to be complete. 
Petition for Conditional Use, Rezone and Comprehensive Plan Amendment 

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Village shall follow the procedure in Wis. Stat. § 66.1001(4), for all amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The Village will consider Comprehensive Plan amendments only twice per calendar year, so that the cumulative effects of all proposed amendments can be analyzed for consistency and the overall effect on the remainder of the Comprehensive Plan. The Village Board may elect to amend the Comprehensive Plan on a more frequent or different cycle for amendments that the Board determines necessary to:

 a. Address changes in state or federal law.
 b. Address an emergency situation.
 c. Resolve a court decision or challenge to the Comprehensive Plan that may result in court action.
 d. Capture a unique economic development opportunity.
 e. Address rapidly changing land use or other needs or circumstances.

Applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator in writing each year by April 1st or October 1st (or if on a weekend, applications will be accepted on the next business day) using a Village provided application form, in order to be considered in that year’s bi-annual amendment cycle. Only complete applications will be processed.

In addition to such applications, Village staff, the Village Plan Commission or any member thereof, or the Village Board or any member thereof may request amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, by the bi-annual application dateline or another date if established in the approved amendment schedule.

The Commission shall advise Village staff as to which proposed amendments should be considered for further review, providing an opportunity for public comment. Depending upon the number and nature of the proposed amendments, the Commission may hold a public hearing before it decides which proposed amendments should be recommended for consideration. Notice of such hearing shall be given by publication of a Class 1 Notice. In the case of a site-specific Future Land Use map amendment, the Zoning Administrator shall also provide written notification to all property owners within 100 ft of the site.

After consideration of the proposed amendments and no later than January in the annual amendment cycle, the Plan Commission shall recommend the approval of any proposed amendment to the Village Board. The Commission is under no obligation to recommend approval of any requested amendment, and may recommend the amendment with modification. Such Commission action shall be via adoption of a resolution.

Following the Commission recommendation by resolution, and after a required 30 day public hearing notice period under Wisconsin Statutes, the Village Board shall hold a public hearing for the purpose of receiving public comment regarding the merits of the proposed amendments that have been recommended by resolution of the Plan Commission.

Following the public hearing, the Village Board may adopt all or some of the recommended Comprehensive Plan amendments by ordinance, either as recommended or with modifications.

While a change to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map may support future zoning change, it does not change the Village's Official Zoning Map. Applicants must pursue amendments to the zoning map through the rezone request process.

Certified Survey Maps (CSM's)

All subdivisions of land within the Village of Weston and the Extraterritorial Zoning (ETZ) Area of the Town of Weston require either a Subdivision Plat or a Certified Survey Map to be submitted to the Village by a certified Surveyor for review. For land divisions creating up to three (3) child parcels AND a remnant lot require a Certified Survey Map. For land divisions creating more than three (3) child parcels a Subdivision Plat is required. Please see the process below.
Certified Survey Map Application 
Subdivision Regulations - Sec 74.100-136