2020 Adopted Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 2020-001: A Resolution Approving the Employee 2020 Compensation Adjustments.
  • Resolution No. 2020-002: Preliminary Resolution for Special Assessments for Street Improvements for the Weston School Neighborhood East Reconstruction Project. 
  • Resolution No. 2020-004: A Resolution approving plans and specifications for driveway approach construction.
  • Resolution No. 2020-005: A Resolution amending the Village Fee Schedule.
  • Resolution No. 2020-006: A Resolution to provide tax increment finance assistance to Eau Claire River, LLC.
  • Resolution No. 2020-007: A Resolution Encouraging Voting by Mail (denied)
  • Resolution No. 2020-008: A Resolution to Approve Final Plat for Markovich Properties Condominium Second Addendum.
  • Resolution No. 2020-009: A Resolution changing the polling place for all wards to Dales Weston Lanes for August & November 2020 Elections.