2016 Facilities Evaluation

Why was this project undertaken?

Building to Serve Logo 300p - replace with better versionConsider...the condition and efficiencies of our Municipal Buildings impact our effectiveness in providing services to the taxpayers of the Village of Weston.  Focus on efficiencies for our workforce will improve the level of service for your tax dollars.

Questions Addressed in Study

Are existing facilities adequate for….

• Current Needs?
• Future Needs?

If not,

•  Can existing facilities be modified/upgraded, or
•  Are new facilities needed?
•  What could we expect the costs to be?


Assess current and future space needs
Determine how to most economically accommodate needs
Conducted interviews with foremen and department Directors
Conduct inventory of vehicles, equipment, parts, and shop needs
Conduct inventory and assessment of facilities' mechanical equipment
Review existing operations and determine future needs
Review findings with key personnel and provided recommendations
Propose implementation plan

Municipal Center 

Weston Wisconsin Village HallAssessment

Inadequate office space
Inadequate shop facilities for storage and maintenance of vehicles
Insufficient minimally heated indoor space for emergency response equipment
Asbestos of undetermined extent - ceiling insulation, pipe insulation
Non-ADA complying restrooms
Inadequate restrooms for staff
Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems require minimum of $1.0M of upgrade irrespective of the making repairs of interior finishes and building envelope for those MEP upgrades.

No fire sprinkler system  


• Replace with new 99,221 square foot facility
26,000 Square feet for office & administrative use
Size garage to house vehicles and equipment in minimally heated space with circulation space for accessibility
Estimated cost of building was $12 - $13M (2020 estimated cost would now be $13.8 - $15 M excluding land purchase) 

Public Safety Building

Weston Public Safety BuildingAssessment

•  Amount of space is sufficient in most cases
•  Space is poorly configured for its use
•  HVAC system needs upgrades
•  Roof needs inspection to determine source of leaks
•  Separate M/F restroom/shower/locker rooms
•  Evidence room too small
•  S.A.F.E.R. may need additional space for vehicles
•  Exhaust removal and floor drains in apparatus bay need evaluation 


• Address HVAC and Mechanical system deficiencies ($100,000 - $150,000)
• Exhaust removal and floor drains evaluated and deficiencies corrected
• Double the Evidence Room ($150,000 - $200,000)
• Construct Armory Room
• Restroom/shower/locker rooms
• Sealcoat parking lot

Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park BuildingsAssessments & Recommendations

• Move base of operations to new municipal center
• Park Shelter in good condition and could remain for rental
• Demolish existing Hockey Shed/Warming House
• Could keep existing Parks Shop/Storage Shed

Aquatic Center

Weston Wisconsin Aquatic CenterAssessments & Recommendations

• Facility is nearly 20 years old, but well maintained
• Repair replacement items recommended totaling $1.0M
• Report was amended for additional items

(Replacements and upgrades have been tackled incrementally beginning in 2019)

Ryan Street Storage Facility

Village of Weston's Ryan Street Storage BuildingAssessments & Recommendations

• Serves current purpose of cold storage
• Use as temporary base of operations for Signs & Utilities during construction of new facilities. (The need for upgrade now goes away)
• Upgrades estimated to cost $60,000 (includes $10K for security gate in 2017)

Implementation Sequence


• Retain design services for Municipal Center and Ryan Street improvements (Deferred until 2018)
• HVAC Improvements, roof, plumbing and exhaust, at Safety Building (Roof repairs 2019)
• Retain design services for Safety Building remodel (evidence room, showers/lockers, other improvements)
• Aquatic Center heater, ice cream machine and pool slide surface re-coating


• Complete design for new Municipal Center (50% complete as of December 15, 2020)
• Complete Ryan Street improvements (No longer necessary if building on a new site)


• Begin Municipal Center reconstruction (Projected to begin in 2021)
• Begin Safety Building upgrades (Remodeling in progress. Projected completion January 2021)

2020 & Later

• Relocate parks and demolish "Hockey Shed" (Likely by 2022)

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