Birch St (Cross Pointe to Shorey)

Phase 1: Leyburn Dr. South to Shorey Ave. 

8/12/22 Update: The southern concrete work was moved up and completed this past Thursday and the contractor indicated the remaining concrete work should be completed then sometime the week of the 22nd.  Paving is likely to follow then the week of the 29th, or the first week in September.

8/5/22 Update: The concrete contractor is tentatively scheduled to be back the week of the 22nd to finish up the curb/shoulder for the south project and after that the road will be prepped for paving.  Ditch restoration for the south phase will be intermittent over the next few weeks as the contractor gets crews freed up to perform that work.

7/27/22 Update: The pedestrian path from Shorey to just north of Windsor is planned to be paved on Thursday this week and Friday the concrete shoulder is planned to be paved on the west side of the road from Shorey north to just south of Leyburn.  

7/22/22 Update: American Asphalt is scheduled to be there next week to work on shaping and paving the multi-use path from Shorey Ave heading north just past Windsor Dr.  They should also be grading the road south of Windsor at that time to help smooth out the gravel surface.

7/8/22 Update: This week the contractor continued working on rebuilding the road between Windsor and Leyburn.  Next week, they will be starting to work on the watermain heading north from Leyburn and will include street work as they head north.  Traffic to the Windemere Oaks Neighborhood will be routed from Shorey Ave so there will be some increased local traffic on the south side for a while.  It is possible that the concrete contractor will be in the week of the 18th to get some of the shoulder poured south of Leyburn and that work will need to be done in stages to keep the road accessible.  

7/1/22 Update: Reconstruction of the street continues between Shorey Ave to Leyburn Dr.  This work is expected to be completed around July 8, 2022.  Phase 2 work is expected to start the week of July 11th.  Access to the Windemere Oaks Subdivision will be from Shorey Ave to then Birch St north.

Phase 2: Leyburn Dr. North to Cross Pointe Blvd. 

8/12/22 Update: The contractor finished up the underground pipe work this week and will be focusing on rebuilding the street and trail as well as ditch restoration this coming week. 

8/5/22 Update: The contractor is continuing to work on installing sanitary and watermain items for the north phase this past week.  They should be near completion with those items by the end of the day Friday and they will then be working on the storm sewer for the north phase.  That is expected to take about a week to complete and then they will be working on building the new street structure and path for the north phase.

7/27/22 Update: This week the contractor was working on connecting the watermain to the existing system by Birchwood Highlands.  

7/22/22 Update: This week the contractor was working on building the road and installing water and sewer lines north of Leyburn.  Next week, they will be continuing the utility work heading north.  

Begins Monday, June 6, 2022

This project consists of reconstructing Birch Street between Cross Pointe Blvd to the north and Shorey Ave to the south.  In addition to street reconstruction, an 8-ft multi-use path will be installed along the east side of the road and also continue on the north side of Shorey Ave to the east where it will connect with the existing path on Camp Phillips/CR-X.  Water and sewer will also be extended along Birch St to close a gap in the existing water system to provide redundancy to the system.

Special Assesment Meeting 5/24/2022 @ 6:00 pm

Assessment Hearing Notice

Preliminary Resolution

Preliminary Assessment Report

Special Assessment Presentation (Slides)

10/7/2021 Public Information Meeting Material

Public Information Meeting Presentation

Project Plan Sheets

As a follow up to the meeting, the typical section of the street was modified to reduce the multi-use path from 10-ft wide to 8-ft wide as well as shorten the width of the ditch between the road and the trail from 11-ft to 9-ft.  This will then keep the centerline of the road where it currently is and not shift it to the west as was initially mentioned at the Public Information Meeting.