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1. Why do water service laterals freeze, aren’t our pipes buried deep enough?
2. Is there anything I can do to prevent my water service lateral from freezing?
3. If I need to run water for freeze protection, which faucet should I run?
4. Is there any way to tell if my water service lateral is about to freeze?
5. I noticed the signs that my water service lateral might be freezing, what should I do?
6. Who is responsible for thawing a frozen water service lateral?
7. How will I know whether to start or stop running water for freeze prevention?
8. Why doesn’t the Utility just notify everyone to run water to prevent service lateral freeze-ups?
9. My water service lateral has frozen, what do I do?
10. My neighbor’s water service lateral has frozen. I don’t have any problems, but the Utility still wants access to my home. Why?
11. I have been told my water service lateral is non-metallic (i.e. plastic), how can my lateral be thawed?
12. If my water service lateral has frozen, isn’t the Utility obligated to restore my water service in a specific time?
13. I reside in a mobile home park, am I supposed to run water for freeze protection?
14. I live in a rural part of the Village and have a private well for my water and a private septic system for wastewater. Am I supposed to run water?