Jami Gebert - 
The Village Administrator serves as the Chief Appointed Official (CAO) of the Village. This position has similar responsibilities to a corporate CEO. The Village Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees.

The Village Administrator is trained in the business of managing government and its resources, maintains political neutrality, puts the overall welfare of the community, first, and brings a community-wide perspective to policies and programs. 

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Village Administrator are prescribed by local ordinance Chapter 2.302. Some of the Village Administrator's responsibilities include:

  • working with elected officials to develop policies and programs
  • managing government staff, budgets, programs and projects
  • chief personnel officer of the village
  • coordinating service delivery street repairs, and upkeep of parks
  • overseeing the business units of the Village including water, sewer, and storm water
  • including all community members and interests in the decision-making process
  • ensuring that laws and policies are enforced fairly throughout the community and that the government runs ethically and transparently
  • serves as the Village's primary coordinator of economic development activities, as well as serves as the executive director of the Community Development Authority.
  • Act as head of emergency management services for the Village of Weston per Wis. Stat § 323.14(1)(b)(2).