The Village of Weston is a zoned community. We use zoning to not only protect land owners from incompatible land uses that potentially could be adjacent to their property and to uphold land values, but also to guide the development within the Village in such a way that benefits the community as a whole. This holistic approach to zoning allows the Village to govern the use of its land to protect and enhance the character that makes Weston unique. These powers are granted by the State of Wisconsin through Wis. Stat.§62.23(7) which is derived from the 14th Amendment of the Bill Of Rights. The zoning of our community is not something that is set in stone; these regulations change over time to fit new and changing land uses and can change at anytime, so long that the health, safety and welfare of the citizens effected are upheld with the highest, unwavering regard.

For more information:

Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension

Center for Land Use Education, College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point/Extension