Zoning Verification and Compliance Letters

Zoning Verification & Compliance Letters

Planning & Development provides research for any property located within the Town and Village of Weston. You can obtain this information by requesting a Zoning Verification and Compliance Letter.

Zoning Verification Letter:

A letter stating the zoning status for a property within the Town and Village of Weston. There is no fee for this service.

Zoning Compliance Letter:

A letter that includes zoning district confirmation, compliance information, whether or not the property can be rebuilt and / or zoning research.

  • Planning & Development staff will respond to written requests for zoning compliance information on specific properties within the Town and Village of Weston.
  • There is a fee, per parcel address, for this service due to the time needed to research and/or perform inspections.
    • One & Two Family Residential - $20
    • Multi-family, Commercial, & Industrial - $100

To Request a Letter

  • Complete the Zoning Verification/Compliance Letter Request Form (PDF)
  • Pay the necessary fees. Make checks payable to "Village of Weston"
  • Include a copy of your request with payment
  • Please include any specific questions with your request
  • Please include any special form with your request you would like used. The Department has a standard from we use but can utilize your form if necessary and included with the request

Submit requests by regular mail to:

Village of Weston
Planning & Development Department
Attn: Jennifer Higgins, Director of Planning and Development
5500 Schofield Avenue
Weston, WI 54476

Submit requests by email to:


Most requests are completed within ten (10) working days. Please contact the Planning & Development Department with any questions regarding this service.