Weston Business and Technology Park

Located on State Highway 29, the four-lane connection between Green Bay and Minneapolis that serves over 35,000 cars per day, the Weston Business & Technology Park is equipped with the latest technology to make your business a success. The 250+ campus setting boasts high-speed & wireless internet, T1 and ADSL phone lines, three-phase power and enough water & sewer capacity for most modern enterprises. In addition, the park has been designed with doublewide roads and ample turning radii to handle all of your transportation needs.

The business park is zoned for both manufacturing and commercial purposes and is currently home to industry leaders in metal & tube fabrication, laser technology, office furniture, interior doors, dental supplies amid cabinetry. Entrepreneurship abounds as four of our current tenants hold significant patents in their respective fields.

The 75% building to 25% green space ratio requirement allows every business plenty of room to grow while still maintaining a high-end campus through the use of appropriate architectural control, landscaping and signage.

Prospective tenants have access to the Village's revolving loan program (over $2,000,000 allotted since 1995), site preparation and landscape grants, along with attractive land prices. For more information how you can become the next tenant in Central Wisconsin's key manufacturing center call the Village at 715-359-6114 or email ecodev@westonwi.gov.