Why does the Village have an address program?

Chapter 14, Article 6. Addressing and Street Naming provide the regulations for addressing which staff follows as properties are addressed. The intent of Article 6 is to assist police and fire departments in quickly finding the correct residence at which to provide emergency services by requiring house and building numbers to be placed in prominently visible locations. This Article also provides the specifications all property owners are required to follow when displaying the addresses assigned to them.

What are the specific addressing regulations for my type of use?

There are special regulations depending on which type of occupancy the structure is used for. They are as follows:

  • Single Family and two family requirements 
  • Each such dwelling unit shall have address numbers, not less than four inches high, placed on the exterior wall of the principal building that faces closest to the street or service drive providing access to the building. Each such unit shall also have street numbers placed on its respective mail box, except as otherwise allowed below. Property owners constructing buildings located more than 75 feet from nearest edge of street pavement shall be furnished a flag/fire sign by the village at the time of issuance of the building permit, with the village posting such sign but the expense of such sign borne by the person to whom the building permit is issued as provided for in the village fee schedule. Fire/flag sign specifications are per Section 14.6.05(3). At the property owner’s request and full expense, the Plan Commission may approve display of addresses on an alternative structure per Section 14.06.05(4). If the mailbox is on a different street from the dwelling unit’s address, the address and street name must also be inscribed on the mailbox. 
  • Multifamily requirements

  • Each building containing multi-family residential units shall have address numbers placed on its exterior building wall facing the street service drive or parking lot and located adjacent to the individual unit entrances to the buildings. Size and location of address number placement shall be approved by the Zoning Administrator or their designee prior to occupancy permit issuance. At the entrance of each service drive, there shall be a directory listing of the street numbers and building identifications that are accessible from the said street, service drive, or parking lot. Numbers identifying the individual units must be placed on the primary entrance of each dwelling unit.
  • Commercial and industrial requirements

  • Each such building less than 75 feet in height shall have address numbers, not less than five inches high, placed at the exterior wall of the principal building facing the street, service drive, or parking lot providing access to that building and located adjacent to any primary entrance door. Each such building 75 feet in height or greater shall have address numbers not less than 12 inches high located on the wall facing the primary street entrance. Only one street address shall be assigned per principal building. For buildings with more than one occupancy, a suite number (not a letter) shall be used to identify each individual unit, placed at the primary entrance to the unit. All such buildings with a rear service door shall conspicuously identify the occupant’s name, street address, and suite number on said door, with contrasting and reflective letters and/or numbers not less than four inches in height. The address shall also be displayed on any freestanding sign associated with the non-residential building, if placed near the entrance of the addressed street.

Please note that per Sec. 14.6.04 (3), assigned street address shall be conspicuously displayed for every house and other principal building. Numbers shall be clearly readable from the addressed street at all times of the year and shall contrast with background colors (e.g., black on white) pursuant to the International Fire Code. If the house or other principal building is more than 75 feet from the nearest edge of street pavement, or is otherwise not clearly visible from the street in the Department’s determination, the address shall be posted on a flag/fire sign as described in Section 14.6.05(3) or on an alternative structure if desired by the property owner per Section 14.6.05(4). Such address shall be posted near the intersection of the building’s access driveway and the street, or an alternate location approved by the Department if the driveway does not access the street on which the building is addressed.

How do I get a new address assigned?

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for assigning all addresses within the Village of Weston. If you are in need of an address or have addressing questions, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 715-241-2613 or