Mobile Food Vendor License


A Mobile Food Vendor is a person who peddles, vends, sells, serves, displays, offers to sell or give away food or beverages from a mobile food vending unit. A mobile food vending unit means any motorized or non-motorized vehicle, trailer, kiosk, pushcart, pedal cart, stand, display, carried container, blanket, ground covering or other device designed to be portable and not permanently attached to the ground from which food and/or beverages are being peddled, vended, sold, served, displayed, or offered for sale or given away. This definition does not include a mobile wholesale delivery unit, a vehicle which is used solely to transport or deliver food, or a common carrier regulated by the state or federal government.

Fee Schedule

$25 annually 

Charitable Organizations are exempt from fee

Please make checks payable to Village of Weston


Mobile Food Vendor License Application