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December 12, 2022, 3:30 P.M.


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Keith Donner, Village Administrator, Weston, WI

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RE: Village of Weston Message on PFAS Drinking Water Sampling


The Village of Weston began installation of a temporary PFAS treatment system for Well #4 in late summer of 2022.  On November 3rd, 2022, The Wisconsin Department of Natural resources (DNR) conducted an inspection of the temporary treatment system for Well #4 and granted authorization to begin operations pending PFAS sample results.


On November 11th, 2022, the Village of Weston collected Well #4 pre- and post-treatment samples for PFAS and received results on November 17th, 2022.  These test results showed PFAS levels in Well #4 post-treatment to be below all health-based standards recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).  After further discussions with the DNR the Village of Weston made final adjustments to begin the process of resuming Well #4 operation.


On December 9, 2022, Well #4 was put back online and resumed pumping water to the Village of Weston water distribution system.     


The Village of Weston will continue to conduct operational sampling to ensure PFAS levels stay below DNR and DHS recommended action levels.   


We continue to work on long-term solutions to achieve PFAS levels below the current DHS health advisory standard of 20 parts per trillion from Wells 3 and 4.  Long Term solutions to PFAS contamination at Wells 3 and 4 include installing Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) at our existing treatment plant.  This project is in its early planning stages.  Additionally, Wells 7 and 8 are currently under construction.  Planning and design of these wells had been in process prior to the recent findings of PFAS in the water system.  This project should be complete in late summer/fall of 2023.


Water supplied to Weston Water Utility customers continues to meet existing drinking water standards and is below the DHS PFAS health advisory level.  Weston Utility customers can confidently and safely continue to use and consume water from the Weston water supply as normal.  


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Keith Donner, P.E.                      Michael Wodalski, P.E.                      Joshua Swenson

Keith E. Donner, P.E.                   Michael Wodalski, P.E.                     Joshua Swenson

Village Administrator                     Director of Public Works                   Utility Superintendent