Property Maintenance

The Planning & Development Department is charged with eliminating blight and building safety hazards and promotes building repair and renovation through education and enforcement to protect the public health, safety and quality of life.

Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

We enforce the provisions of the Village of Weston Code of Ordinances including but not limited to Chapter 50- Nuisances. Complaints include blight on commercial and residential buildings and premises, tall grass and general property maintenance. Chapter 66 - Solid Waste, including the accumulation of garbage, dumping of garbage, recycling, and collection of garbage/recyclables. And Chapter 70 - Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Places. These would be complaints related to sidewalk clearing, snow removal, mailboxes, and removal of obstructions.

Zoning Code Enforcement

We enforce the provisions of the Village of Weston Zoning Code (Chapter 94 of the Municipal Code). Zoning complaints relate to illegal land use issues, including (but not limited to) front yard parking on grass, contractor's yards in residential districts and illegal commercial uses in residential districts.

Filing a Nuisance or Zoning Code Complaint

When filing a complaint, please provide as much information as possible, including the address, suspected illegal use of the property and what you specifically are looking for us to address on the property. Please note that due to the number of complaints received per year, anonymous complaints are not investigated as priority items by enforcement staff. Complainant assistance may be necessary to gain additional information or if witnesses are needed for cases which are prosecuted in Municipal or Circuit Courts.

For a quick overview of the most common ordinance questions and violations please refer to The Citizens Guide to Residential Ordinances.

You can report complaints by using the Village's online Service Request System, sending a written letter, or sending an email to

Animal Complaints

The Village Planning & Development Department does not handle animal complaints. They are handled through the Everest Metro Police Department and their contract with the Wausau Humane Officer, Ashlee Bishop. Please follow up with her on all issues. She can be reached at or via the EMPD non-emergency line at 715-359-4202.