Report a Violation

Please go to and follow the following steps:

1) If this is your first time using the new site, click "New Account" in the upper right-hand corner;

1 New Account

a) Fill in the fields using your information, try and provide as much information as possible.
b) Create a password on the same page and click "Save".
c) If you are creating a new user name and you get the error stating your password is already associated with another account, then select the "Forgot Password" link and follow that process.

2 create account

2)  On the left hand side of the screen click on “Report A Violation”

1 select report violation

3) Select the type of violation you are reporting from the drop down menu

2 select type

4) Enter the address and the street name, without and prefixes or suffixes (DO NOT ENTER THE ST, AVE, DR, BLVD, WAY). If the address you type in generates a "not in jurisdiction" error, then most likely you are not in the Village or Town of Weston.

3 select address

5) Enter the details of the violation and try to be as descriptive as possible. Enter just the address number of the property and be sure to include your name, phone number, and email as well. All boxes in yellow MUST be filled in.

4 violation details

6) To submit the violation report, agree to the conditions and click on finish. The report will be reviewed along with any follow up action that needs to be taken. 

5 confirm and finish