Water Main Flushing

2023 Spring Water Main Flushing

Weston Municipal Utilities will soon be flushing water mains in your neighborhood as part of its Unidirectional Flushing program. This systematic, high-velocity flushing program is being done to remove  settled particles and clean buried water mains, thus keeping your water safe while improving its quality.

 We want 
to make sure you are aware of the program and what you can expect. As flushing occurs in your neighborhood your water may be discolored for a short period of time and could stain laundry. Water pressure may also be reduced. 

If possible, do not use your water while flushing is 
happeningIf you must, first run cold water until it is clear to remove any particles from your systemIn additionwe advise running your cold water for a few minutes after the flushing in your neighborhood is completed.  

The Unidirectional Flushing Program involves some new procedures as compared to flushing done in the past. Thereforethe utilitcannot be certain as to how long the process will take as it proceeds through the system. Crews will place road signs in the area where they are working each day.
 If you have any question or comments on the Unidirectional Flushing Program, please contact us at 715-359-2876.
Un-directional Flushing FAQ's

Up To Date Information

To stay up to date with where the crew is flushing and to see where they will be moving to next, go to the live web mapping app:
2023 UDF Flushing Web Mapping App