Right-of-Way Permits

  • Excavation Permit

Permits are required before any applicant shall excavate, dig upon or in, or remove any tree or material from any public street, ally, boulevard, sidewalk or right-of-way within the Village. The excavation permit shall be obtained for each property owner and/or project location being performed in the Village right-of-way.
Excavation Permit

  • Road Weight Permit

Permits are required for any vehicle looking to exceed current street weight limits. In the spring time, this permit applies to the seasonal spring weight limits. Operators are required to obtain a permit before any permission is granted to travel on a posted road.
Single Trip/Road Limit Permit

  • Moving Permits

Permits are required when oversize loads are moving through the Village. Moving permits are necessary to identify the route of the move and to ensure that there are not any obstructions that may be damaged by the over-sized load (i.e. traffic signals).
Moving Permits

  • Street Privilege

Permits are required when a construction or utility project requires the use of all or portion of the right-of-way for purposes of storing material and/or equipment for the duration of the project.
Street Privilege

  • Special Street Event Permit

Permits are required for any event that is held within the public right-of-way. Such events include, but are not limited to, group runs, fairs, block parties, etc.
Special Event on Public Street